Wednesday, January 31, 2018

So today was our anniversary.  So of course I ordered flowers days ago via Delta shopping from  So today at 4pm I get an email at work (where they were to be delivered to ensure somebody would be here) from FTD that says they can't deliver the flowers.  Until tomorrow.  Mind you, I live in a major city with 700,000 people and I'm guessing there are more than 1,000 florists within the city itself.

So I call FTD, and after not getting any luck with the customer service rep - "Sorry, has to be tomorrow" - I ask for her manager.  Same story.  The BEST he is authorized to do is delivery tomorrow, and a whopping 30% off the order.  Of course they won't tell me the name of the local florist who screwed this order up for both me and FTD. 

Anniversary ruined.  So, to make amends and teach a little lesson on customer service to FTD, I created this blog the same afternoon, and hope it is here to spread the word.

Please comment and share your disaster stories of ruined anniversaries, angry spouses that thought you forgot, birthday gloom for frail mothers, flowers that never made it to the funeral.  This may help us all vent our frustrations with companies that simply don't care. 

Resist FTD, people!



  1. I have had similar experiences. Flowers never arrive or when they do they are significantly smaller than I paid for, especially when you consider FTD's ridiculous $18 service charge. Also got dead flowers last year - nice. I've asked Delta to sever its relationship with FTD, they are so many better options.

  2. I don't understand how this company is still in business. After reading the comments and stories on Facebook there is not a single good comment except for ads from people PAID to say those things.
    I had a horrible experience when ordering something for Valentine's Day. I ordered 2 weeks in advance thinking that was plenty of time and even paid extra shipping for it to arrive on Valentine's Day. It's a 2 day transit and they didn't even ship it until the day before. When I called they blamed me for the fact that it shipped the day before until I pointed out that I ordered it 2 weeks ago and if it was a 2 day transit then why did they not ship it on Saturday or hell even on Monday. Why did they ship it the day before?
    I went to Facebook to voice my frustration and they removed my comments and blocked me from commenting on their page. If you ask me that is very poor service. If you can't take criticism for what you do incorrectly then why are you in business?
    In the end they gave me a refund and sent an arrangement from a local shop for Valentine's Day, but what I have trouble understanding is it seems like so many people are having hard is it to just get the order correct the FIRST time and make people happy. Why in the world do you screw up and then try and make it right?
    I will never use this company again.


So today was our anniversary.  So of course I ordered flowers days ago via Delta shopping from  So today at 4pm I get an ema...